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150 boys and girls will participate in the scout grouping of Shoushi

2012-08-08 19:18:00


Scout movement does not have a long history in Artsakh: In 1994 the first scout grouping was held at the initiative of ARF Artsakh Central Committee. There were some more scout groupings also until 1999. After some time scout movement in Artsakh revived, this time with the cooperation of  "Raffi" union of Tehran and youth organization "Hayk’s generation". The promising start had also efficient continuation. Yesterday the third All Armenian scout grouping "Hayordiner" was  opened in Shoushi. 150 boys and girls with the motto "future is in our hands" will participate in the scout grouping that will take place in 8-15 August in Shoushi. Some will partake for the first time, while for some it’s their regular grouping.

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