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Pomegranate harvest continues in Artsakh


Pomegranate harvest continues on the territory of Artsakh. Gardeners easily sell their crops in the local and overseas markets. Foreign partners give preference to quality and large-scale products. In this regard, great attention will be paid to the pomegranate cultures in the coming years. The new agricultural concept ...
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Arayik Harutyunyan got acquainted with the possibilities of the dried fruits factory in Martakert


State Minister Arayik Harutyunyan visited the factory producing dried fruit in Martakert and got acquainted with the opportunities of the small factory. The factory, the production of which is named "Martakert goods" has been working for 4 months. In addition to domestic consumption, a part of ...

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State supports land users who suffered from hailstones


Wheat and barley fields damaged by hail will not remain unused. The state provides assistance to landowners who have suffered losses, providing high quality seeds for free. This year the Ministry of Agriculture is supporting those land owners, whose ...
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The grape harvest is coming to an end in Artsakh


Grape harvesting in Artsakh is nearing completion. Compared with the previous year, the yield is twice higher. This branch of agriculture is developing in our country, and the produced grape is in demand, thanks to newly-built wineries. According to the Ministry of Agriculture...

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Aram Mkhoyan followed the corn harvest


Corn harvesting is currently underway in the republic's sowing areas. Aram Mkhoyan has followed today the corn harvesting campaign in the lands belonging to the Ivanyan community of Askeran region. "The results are satisfactory if we take into consideration ...

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Beekeeping in Talish


These days, builders work in Talish, with the effort of bees. But in the restored village, the bees are not less busy. Twenty bee-boxes belong to the Talish's "Turinj" company. The abundance of the first harvest has raised the bar of further projects. Beekeeping will ...
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The active period for processing companies has started


The active period of the year has started for the processing companies. Actually, many people have already begun the work since the middle of May, some even have a certain number of ready-made products. However, the main stage of activities is related to vegetable processing. The work that ...

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The burning of straw in the fields is already criminally punishable


Of course, there is a change in the attitude of farmers towards the land. The land is no longer abused, but it is also regularly enriched and fertilized. Part of the policy pursued in this direction is the fight against the burning of straw in the fields after the harvest. This year, the concerned bodies...

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