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Artsakh TV was established in 1988. The first program was broadcast on 1 June, which is marked as its birthday.

Television in the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region was established within the scope of foundation programs of local television companies in the former Soviet Union Autonomous republics and regions. The implementation of the program was delayed because of the policy carried out by Azerbaijan against the ethnic Armenian population of the region.

The dream of the Artsakh nation to have television alongside of regional radio with a biography of about six decades came true in 1988. The birth of Artsakh TV coincided with the new phase of the Artsakh people’s national-liberation movement. The newly-established television became the mouthpiece and ideologist of the Karabakh movement. The formation process of the television, obviously with the contribution of the Armenian Public Television and specialists from Yerevan delegated to Stepanakert, was accompanied with obstacles created by Soviet and Azerbaijani security and force structures, as well as barriers and restrictions introduced because of the emergency situation declared in the region. Since the equipment was in Shoushi, which was inhabited predominantly by the Azerbaijani, the operating of the television depended entirely on the Azerbaijani whim and was cut off at regular intervals. Despite those challenges and persecutions our television honourably accomplished its mission at that period.

During the years of war imposed on Artsakh the majority of television employees joined the army in the protection of our Homeland, while others were entrusted with the responsibility to give coverage to the liberation movement and chronicle the war. Artsakh TV director Alexander Gasparyan, operator Sergey Hambardzumyan and engineer Aram Zakaryan heroically perished in the war. Operator Armen Sargsyan is considered missing. The invaluable scenes, programs and films, shot during the liberation struggle years were screened in different countries of the world, helped people gain insight into the Karabakh war.

In February 1992 the building of the television broadcast station undergone gun-missile integrated weapon system attack from Shoushi and was completely destroyed. After the liberation of Shoushi Artsakh TV employees undertook the establishment of a new TV studio corresponding to contemporary standards with the support of their colleagues from Armenia during a short time period. The first programs were aired on 23 June, 1992.

During the war years both those serving on the rear and those fighting at the forefront derived information and at the same time encouragement from Artsakh TV. Under post-war, namely "no peace, no war” conditions Artsakh TV focused on the issues of the country’s revival, reinforcement of its defense capability.

In 1998 Artsakh TV homed in a new, convenient building. The new TV studio was created with the support of Argentinian philanthropist of Armenian origin Eduardo Eurnekian.

In 2003 as a result of passing the law "On Television and Radio" Artsakh TV gain public status.

In 2008 Artsakh TV celebrated its 20th anniversary broadcasting in this year of jubilee news, political, economic, youth, children’s, cultural, sports and other daily three-hour programs.